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At C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc., we have been providing property owners with trustworthy septic tank pumping services in the Boyertown, PA region since 1954. It is important to pump your septic tank on a regular basis, and it is also required in certain towns and townships.

Forgetting to pump your septic tank can be problematic, and can lead to odors, back-ups and a non-functioning system.These issues can be avoided by being on our auto-schedule program, as they will maintain your septic tank yearly.

Even if you are a part of the auto-schedule program, here are some signs to look out for that could cause problems for your septic tank:

Toilets flushing slowly - If the toilets in your home are flushing slowly and don't seem normal, there could be a problem with your septic tank.

Odors - Your septic tank may need a cleaning if you smell a foul odor coming from it.

Leaking outlet or Soggy drain field - If the manhole cover for your septic tank is leaking or the area around it is soggy, your septic tank needs immediate attention.

Any of the signs above are problems for your septic tank, and you should contact us to schedule a complimentary evaluation within the next two business days. Their talented technicians will offer quick and effective solutions to the problems you are experiencing.

If your septic tank is experiencing any of these issues, it may be caused by some daily practices. Here are a few tips to follow to help prevent your tank from experiencing complications:

Conserve Water - Conserving water can go a long way for your septic tank. Reducing water flow into the system will help diminish the chances of solids passing into the drain field, as they will sink to the bottom better with less water.

Keep your drain field free of obstructions - It is important always to keep your drain field free of any trees, roots, or anything else that could obstruct the area.

Always have a cover on the septic tank - Perhaps the most important tip, having a cover over your septic tank will prevent any smells or gasses from making their way into your home.

Being a part of the auto-schedule program here at C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc. is the best way to keep your tank in the best shape possible. Those interested in septic tank cleaning services in Boyertown, PA can reach out to technicians by calling 610-674-0601 or by filling out a contact form on our website

At C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc., we are dedicated to providing you with the leading septic tank cleaning services in the Boyertown, PA region. Our services include a comprehensive inspection. Check out our infographic to see what this inspection entails.

If you wish to learn more about our services such as septic tank pumping in Montgomery County, PA, we encourage you to contact us today!

Imagine living on a property with severely foul odors emanating from your toilet, drains or septic tank.


Well, if you neglect your septic tank, sludge and backup builds up and causes that acrid smell. It's recommended that the tanks be cleaned every 2-to-3 years. There are two factors in determining how often they should be pumped; the amounts of gallons the tank holds and amount of people in the household.

Households with three bedrooms have approximately a 1,000-gallon tank and ones with four or five rooms about 1,500. Older homes built before the 1980s usually have smaller tanks and need to be pumped more often.

Here is a list from our staff at C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc. of five warning signs that your septic tank NEEDS to be pumped.

  1. Time - No this isn't a sign, it's a rule. Having your septic tank pumped consistently every 2-to-3 years is cost efficient and saves money in the long run. It protects your investment and sustains the longevity of your home.

  2. Oder - Just like it was stated above, if an unpleasant smell is coming from your toilet, it's probably because you've waited too long to pump your septic tank.

  3. Standing Water - When the septic tank is full, water might begin to pool on your property, and if there's some around the tank or drain field, then that's a definite sign your tank needs to be emptied.

  4. Slow Flushing - If you notice that your bathtubs, showers and toilets are slow to flush and drain, it's an indication that your tank needs to be serviced.

  5. Luscious Green Grass Around Drain Field - If your lawn along your drain field looks greener than the rest of the grass on your property, it's probably because excessive liquid is fertilizing it.

Obviously, all of these potential nagging issues can be prevented if your septic tank is pumped consistently every couple years. If you see any of the signs listed above, however, don't hesitate to reach out to C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc. for septic tank pumping services in Boyertown, PA. We will put you on an auto schedule if desired and reach out when your septic needs to be pumped.

You can learn more about our wide variety of services such as septic tank pumping for the Boyertown, PA region by calling us at 610-674-0601 or filling out a contact form on our website.

Waking up to the smell of bacon in the morning is a wonderful way to start off the day. Stopping by your favorite burger place after work on a Friday can be a tasty reward for a productive work week. These greasy foods taste delicious, but often have a negative impact on your body if eaten regularly.

In addition to causing digestive problems and weight gain, grease can also bring a busy restaurant to its knees. This solid layer of animal fats and vegetable oils can be destructive if left unchecked for too long.

At C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc., we ensure that your restaurant or food service establishment will not suffer any grease-related issues thanks to our grease trap cleaning service in Bethlehem, PA, and the surrounding areas.

We provide grease trap guidance for you, so time-consuming overflows and foul odors do not cost you any business. Grease management is a necessity for your restaurant. Your grease trap separates liquid grease and fat from wastewater, so it doesn't clog your sewage line.

Here are some tips to keep your grease trap running efficiently:

Regular Service Getting regular service for your grease trap is an important way to keep it running the way it should. This will eliminate any clogs or buildup. We can put you on an auto-schedule option to keep your grease trap working properly.

Limit Use of Garbage Disposals Garbage disposals are used to break down food. These smaller pieces can build up over time and cause a backup or the need for more frequent service. This can save your restaurant time and money.

Dry Wiping Dry wiping your dishware such as pots and pans and disposing of the waste in the garbage will cut down on the amount of grease that gets sent to your grease trap. This simple action can free open more space in your grease trap.

Recycle and Removal By recycling your cooking oil and food waste, you will encounter fewer problems. In addition to cleaning your grease trap, we can also remove and responsibly dispose of your waste. Our trucks are designed to carry anywhere from 1,800 to 6,500 gallons.

If you are interested in scheduling grease trap cleaning for your Allentown, PA restaurant, you can reach us by calling 610-674-0601 or filling out a contact form on our website.

Gym membership? Check

Plane tickets to France? Check

College classes scheduled? Check

Dedicated to quit smoking? Check

Your New Year's resolutions appear to be in order. How long will your gym attendance and resolve to quit smoking last? Well, we will see. You seem to have all of your ducks in a row, but we know that you might be overlooking a few things.

At C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc., we are dedicated to providing you with the best septic tank and grease trap services possible. Whether you need grease trap cleaning or septic tank pumping done for your Boyertown, PA property, our experienced technicians will make sure the job is done correctly.

Our question to you is when was the last time you had your septic tank or grease trap serviced? Drawing a blank? Maybe it's time to make another resolution. Here's what our services entail.

Septic Tank

Your septic tank plays a crucial part in your water treatment system. It is a settling basin where solids gather together and are broken down by bacteria over time. This process uses natural decomposition, but waste can still build up as a layer of sludge develops on the bottom of your tank and fats and oils float up to the top.

Over time, waste can build up and clog your tank, leaving you to deal with disgusting odors, flooding and expensive repairs.

Grease Trap

Restaurants utilize grease traps to catch any grease or food that would clog any main lines. These traps separate wastewater and grease. If it is not serviced properly, it can cause an untimely dilemma such as flooding in your food service establishment, causing putrid smells and employee downtime.

We recommend that you have your grease trap regularly scheduled to avoid such a disaster. Unlike your food service workers who are unequipped to service a grease trap, we will make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned and works as it should.

If you realize you need to schedule a grease trap or septic tank cleaning in the Boyertown, PA region, you can avoid a headache and start 2017 off right by calling us today at 610-674-0601.

Hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree, you've heard multiple versions of classic carols and modern mainstays such as Jingle Bells, All I Want for Christmas is You, Blue Christmas and Last Christmas.

Your attention to detail is evident with your holiday decorating skills, flawless execution of holiday recipes and perfect gifts, but has your focus on the holidays led you to neglect a vital part of your property? When was the last time you received septic tank pumping service for your Boyertown, PA home?

You should avoid overlooking your septic tank as it is a key component of your water treatment and recycling system. It can cause some serious and unpleasant issues, but more on that in a bit.

At C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc., we believe that you shouldn't neglect your septic system this holiday season. Here is some relevant information, so you understand the importance of your system and what to look for when problems arise.

Septic Summary

Your septic tank acts a settling basin where solids gather together and are broken down over time by bacteria. Organic is liquefied by natural bacterial decomposition, but the remainder of the waste accumulates in the bottom of the septic tank as a layer of sludge. The fats and oils of the waste will float up to the top of the tank to form a layer of scum. Your septic tank is connected to a drainage field or seepage pit. Unfortunately, a septic tank system that is neglected can back up and clog the drainage field, leading to costly repairs.

Septic Signs

If you can't remember the last time you had you got your septic tank serviced, it's probably time to time to call us. However, there are a variety of other signs that indicate your system is not running as it should. Here are some of the other signs:

  • Foul odors
  • Toilets flushing slowly
  • Soggy drainage field
  • Leaking manhole cover or outlet
Septic Service

Having your septic tank pumped or cleaned can save you from shelling out money for costly repairs and keep your system running efficiently for years to come. We will offer you a no-obligation quote and can even put you on auto schedule, so you can avoid problems.

You can learn more about C.F. Heckman's stellar services such as septic tank cleaning for the Boyertown, PA region and how to avoid a holiday disaster by calling us at 610-674-0601 or filling out a contact form on our website.

C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc. is dedicated to helping you with a variety of different services. We have put our clients first since 1954. Our technicians work closely with you to make sure that you have a firm understanding of our services, all of the proper paperwork and the peace of mind that you are working with an experienced and customer-first company.

We specialize in three distinct services including septic tank pumping and cleaning, waste removal and grease trap pumping and cleaning.

Septic Tank Services
Our septic tank services are our bread and butter. We inspect, pump, clean and provide routine maintenance for your septic tank, understanding that it is a heavily-relied-upon component of your water treatment and recycling system.

  • Inspect: We will perform on-site visual inspections to satisfy any sewage management reports that are required. Here is what we check:

    • Depth and condition of lid
    • Water flow
    • Floatable solids and sludge
    • Drain field
    • Absorption areas
    • Condition of baffles

  • Pump: After a while, your septic tank gets filled. We pump the sludge from the bottom of your tank and the lightweight scum from the surface, so your septic tank doesn’t fail you. If you start to smell a foul odor or see a soggy lawn, you will need to get your tank pumped.
  • Clean: We also clean septic tanks to eliminate unpleasant problems. We can put you on auto schedule for this routine maintenance to make sure your septic tank is running smoothly.

Waste Removal
We are experts in hauling away a range of non-hazardous waste. Our trucks remove anywhere from 1,800 to 6,500 gallons of waste from commercial, industrial and municipal sites. We operate according to strict standards and practice environmentally-responsible services.

Grease Trap Services
We never want your grease trap to get clogged during peak hours for your restaurant or food service. This inconvenience can be frustrating and costly. We can eliminate most, if not all grease trap’s problems with proper cleaning and pumping.

You can inquire about our services by calling 610-674-0601 or visiting our contact page here.

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and think about your septic tank? We didn’t think so.

You usually don’t pay any mind to your septic tank until it’s too late. You might not even know how to treat your septic tank. At C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc., we believe in providing quality septic tank pumping services and even give advice for customers in the Boyertown, PA region. Here are some helpful tips about your septic tank.

Tip #1: Some things should never be flushed.
Simply put, the more that goes into your septic tank, the more often it will need to be serviced. There are just some things that should never be flushed. Avoid flushing paper towels, tissues, tampons, cigarette butts, disposable diapers, dental floss and anything else that is not toilet paper or wastewater.

Tip #2: Get your septic tank pumped regularly.
By getting your septic tank pumped regularly, your system can avoid a total meltdown and run efficiently. We recommend that you get your septic tank services every two or three years. Each tank is different, depending on its size and usage. We can help you by placing you on our auto-schedule service.

Tip #3: Use your garbage disposal wisely.
Similar to our first tip, you should use discretion when throwing something down your garbage disposal. Of course, it’s fine to wash off little pieces of food down the garbage disposal, but don’t pour grease and oil down it. You should also avoid using the garbage disposal for vegetable peels, egg shells and large amounts of food. These items will cause you to need service more frequently and can cause adverse effects.

Tip #4: Don’t ignore obvious warning signs.
Speaking of adverse effects; don’t ignore them!

If you start smelling pungent foul odors, notice that your toilet is starting to flush slower or see a soggy drain field or leaking manhole cover, take action. These are signs that your septic tank system is in trouble. We offer prompt and comprehensive service to fix your septic tank woes.

You can learn more useful tips and schedule a septic tank cleaning for your Boyertown, PA area home by calling 610-674-0601 or browsing our website.

Septic tank pumping is a necessary service that you need for your home. We here at C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc. believe that this should be done every three years at the minimum, although some municipalities make it mandatory every two years.

We offer premier septic tank pumping services for the Boyertown, PA region. You can even sign up for our auto-scheduled service, so your system doesn’t suffer any severe damage. There are some factors that increase the need to get your septic tank pumped. Five examples are listed below.

Garbage Disposal
Your garbage disposal is used to grind up food into mush so it can make its way down to your septic system. The obvious impact of the garbage disposal is that the more food that is sent down to your tank, the more oils and grease accumulate. These solids enhance the need for your septic tank to be pumped.

Sewage Ejector Pump
A sewage ejector pump, better known as a grinder pump, uses gravity to assist the removal of waste. Owning such a pump increases the risk of this liquefied waste pushing the solids into a drain field and damaging it.

Laundry Facilities

How much you do your laundry can impact your septic tank. The more people who live in a household, the bigger the load of laundry that is done on a regular basis. More laundry means more detergents, which add to the sludge in your septic tank.

Home Business
Many small businesses do not have storefronts. Instead, they work out of homes. This increases the use of water and the risk of a damaged septic tank. Whether the business is a hair salon or a photo studio, a higher volume of water and chemicals will make its way to a septic system.

Last Service
If you don’t remember the last time your septic tank was serviced, then it’s probably been too long. The accumulation of this waste can cause major issues and system failure. Make sure to keep tabs on your septic tank system, as this simple practice can save you money down the road.

To learn more about our septic tank pumping and grease trap cleaning for the Leesport, PA region, call us at 610-674-0601 or visit online at

The wait list is backed up, and your restaurant’s lobby is full with hungry patrons craving your renowned Italian cuisine. Your waiters and waitresses bustle from table to table, hurriedly grabbing dishes from the kitchen and placing orders. You check the banquet room to make sure that all is in order for the party of 40 that will be celebrating a couple’s 30 years of marriage. It’s just another busy Friday night.

You make your way toward the kitchen and hear frantic yelling. Picking up your pace, you throw open the door and to your dismay, you see water all over the floor and smell a putrid stench. Your trap failed you at the most inconvenient time.

Hiring C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc., known for their grease trap cleaning in the Leesport, PA area, could help avoid such a disastrous problem. Here’s what you should know about grease and grease traps to bypass such an issue.

What exactly is grease?

Grease is the common term for animal fats and vegetable oils. They are lipids which are organic molecules that assist with the production of hormones and storage of energy. Grease is lighter than water, and forms a separate layer that solidifies during cooling.

What are grease traps?

Grease traps, also known as grease interceptors, are used to separate kitchen wastewater and grease. These traps were first patented in the United States during 1885. Today’s grease traps follow the same design.

How do grease traps work?

Here are the steps of how a grease trap works:

  1. Kitchen wastewater flows into the grease trap
  2. A restricting device denies the wastewater’s flow
  3. An air intake valve permits air into the grease trap’s open space to prevent back pressure and siphonage
  4. The trap’s baffles retain grease and prevent it from leaving downstream, where it would cause blockages.
  5. Solids that don’t float are deposited at the bottom of the trap.
  6. Oil and grease float on the surface and accumulate behind the baffles
  7. Air relief is given to maintain proper circulation.
  8. A cleanout occurs at the outlet to permit access to the pipe.
  9. Water exits the trap through the outlet pipe and makes it way to the sanitary sewer system.


Who cleans grease traps?

C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc. provides thorough grease trap cleaning for the Reading, PA region. We eliminate common issues such as the overflow and smell that were mentioned above with regular service. We will even put your food service establishment on an auto schedule so you can avoid further plumbing costs, employee downtime, service interruptions, trap odors, and employee safety issues.

To learn more about this service, you can reach us at 610-674-0601 or browse our website. We will be happy to help you with all of your grease trap cleaning and septic system needs!

You may have heard of the importance of getting septic tank service, but are unsure about how to approach it. C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc. provides septic tank pumping services in Boyertown, PA, but first, must conduct an inspection to better understand your property and system.
Our goal is to extend the life of your septic system with regularly scheduled maintenance every two to three years. We do a full on-site visual inspection of your septic tank system to properly serve you. We will also take care of any sewage management inspection reports that are required by your municipality. Here is a list of what our inspections entail.
The first item we check is the depth and condition of the lid. We have the ability to pump through a four-inch port if your municipality allows us to do so. For lids eight inches or more below ground, we recommend the installation of a riser to bring the lid up to grade. In some areas, it is required to pump through the manhole lid. We inspect all lids and instruct that all loose or cracked lids should be replaced. They are a safety hazard and can allow outside materials to infiltrate your septic system.
Water Flow
The water flow is a key indicator if there is a sewage backup. When we begin to pump your septic tank system, we flush a toilet to demonstrate the water flow. If there is poor flow, that is an indication of a developing clog that is on its way to becoming a back-up in the near future. Jetting or snaking the line can eliminate this problem.
We observe your system’s level to check if your system is working properly. The size of floatable solids and sludge determines how often you need your system to be pumped.
Field Run
When pumping out the system, we check for water flowing back into the tank from the drain field. If we see this occurring, we can determine that there is damage in your drain field.
Absorption Area
Spotting lush vegetation, wet areas or discharge of sewage on the surface can mean that your drain field is saturated.
The outlet baffle acts as a guard against solids and scum from entering the drain field. If we see that the baffle is broken or missing, we recommend that it gets replaced so your septic tank can run properly.

This inspection process is important and proves that we care about your property. Our technicians don’t just pump and run. If you are interested in septic tank pumping in Boyertown, PA and the accompanying inspection, contact us for affordable service at 610-674-0601 or visit online.

Have you lived in the city your whole life and just recently moved to a rural area? You may find the upkeep of your house to be very different than what you are accustomed. For instance, you never had to deal with a septic tank system, and may have many questions about it.
C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc., a premier provider of septic tank pumping in Montgomery County, PA,  will happily give you answers and provide valuable service to make sure your septic system runs properly.
  • What is a septic tank system?
    • Cities and municipal areas usually run on a sewer system, while rural regions rely on septic tanks. Septic tanks act as settling basins where solids build up and get broken down by bacteria. This decomposition process removes waste before it reaches groundwater.

  • What am I responsible for?
    • Unlike living in the city where the local government runs the sewer system, you are responsible for the upkeep of your septic tank. If there are problems with the tank, there are companies, such as C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc., which specialize in repairs.
  • What are some signs that my septic tank isn’t working correctly?
    • Some telltale signs that your septic tank isn’t working right could be when toilets start flushing slowly, drain fields are soggy, disgusting odors are present and outlets or man-hole covers are leaking.

  • How do I get the most out of my septic tank?
    • According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a family of four uses over 400 gallons of water a day. This is a considerable amount of water. Using your water efficiently and monitoring your use can make your septic tank lasts longer. Knowing where your septic tank is located and using phosphorous-free laundry detergents will also help. You can make sure you get the most out of your septic tank by getting it inspected, pumped and cleaned by certified professionals.
  • Why trust C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc.?
    • C.F Heckman & Son, Inc. has specialized in septic tank cleaning services in Boyertown, PA and the surrounding areas. The business has been family owned and operated since 1954. Not only has the company been around for awhile, it cares about its customers. The unofficial motto, ”we don’t just pump and run”, rings true as your cares and concerns come first. The company also specializes in providing grease trap pumping and car wash sediment pit cleaning services.

New to the area? Don’t worry, this necessary service is readily available to all residents of Leesport, Berks County, Boyertown, Reading, Montgomery County and Exeter Township, PA. To get help with this new system and its upkeep, call C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc. at 610-674-0601 or visit online at

As the summer (and sun itself) approaches, things begin to heat up. The nicer weather leads to more socializing. The hermits begin to nudge their way outdoors and homebodies roam the town until their annual winter hibernation.
Increased gatherings mean increased waste. We've all had to deal with the aftermath of hosting a party of some sort. The sink is stacked as if there was a game of glassware Jenga. The trash cans are overflowing like a shaken-up Sprite can. Unfortunately, all of the lingering garbage does not magically disappear. I don't care how many times you call David Blaine… you are going to eventually need septic tank cleaning services from Boyertown, PA to the bordering communities.
Let's take car washes for example. Every day, hundreds of vehicles stroll through the car wash to remove all of the dirt and grime they've accumulated over the recent months. Eventually, this waste goes down the drain and becomes sludge. If sludge is not removed from tanks, trouble ensues. Picture the inside of your septic tank as one big garbage disposal. If it isn't regularly maintained (every 2-3 years) you may eventually need a waste money on a new one due to recurring problems.
Our company offers individuals and businesses the most efficient solutions in the industry. C.F. Heckman & Son has built an impeccable reputation for offering a unique way of pumping that has proven to be clean, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. Saving time = saving money. More money in your pocket means more beach trips with the family. More concerts and baseball games with your friends. Don't waste your Spring and Summer manually fidgeting with your tanks. Use a professional. Take preventative measures that will extend the lifespan of your unit.
Whether you are BBQing all summer or running a business, chances are you will need C.F. Heckman & Son to take care of the difficult dirty work. We provide free surveys so you can get an accurate estimate at no cost to you!
Get Pumped Up. We don't just offer septic tank pumping services in Boyertown, PA. We service all of Berks County and Montgomery County too! Be proactive this Spring. Keep your tanks cleaner than your car(s) with the help of C.F. Heckman & Son. For more info on scheduling your free estimate, visit or call 610-916-1487 today!

What do you call a septic tank expert? - A connoissewer.
If you live in the greater Philadelphia area, another acceptable answer would be C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc. Our 60+ years of septic tank experience is no joke!
No matter what time of year, it's inevitable that grease, sludge, scum, and other nasty-sounding materials are building up in your sewer pipes. To avoid septic catastrophe, swift, proactive measures must be taken. Here is a list of DO's and DONT's to stay ahead of the game:

  • DO: Pump your septic tank at least once every three years.
  • DON'T: Place foreign objects into your drains.
  • DO: Conserve water. More showers. Fewer baths.
  • DON'T: Use laundry detergents that contain phosphorus.
  • DO: Optimize your washing machines (front-loading washers are ideal).
  • DON'T: Ignore slow flushing toilets, soggy drains, leaks, or odors.
  • DO: Know the exact location of your drain field.
  • DON'T: Add chemicals to regularly pumped septic systems.
  • DO: Dispose of cooking oils in the trash.
  • DON'T: Pour used grease down the kitchen sink.
Grease (not the John Travolta sing-a-long) is one of the most common reasons that kitchen pipes get backed up. If there is one downside to bacon, it would have to be grease. No, we aren't recommending that you lower your bacon intake. All that we ask is that you indulge responsibly.
Indulging responsibly means utilizing one of our grease traps. The purpose of these traps is to catch any food waste before it flows into the mail line. Every little scrap adds up. The more items that get jammed in the pipe highly increases the chance of you needing an emergency plumber.
As long time employee Ronald “Rock” Heckman says: “Don't be crappy. Be happy!” (We couldn't make this up if we tried.)
Don't think that the above list of DO's & DONT's is exclusively for residential sewage. All rules apply to industrial and commercial properties on a much larger scale. Our trucks (ranging up to 6500 gallons) offer non-hazardous industrial liquid waste hauling and grease trap cleaning for any business. That's all for now...
ThANKS for listening! If you need any of the premier C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc. services feel free to contact us at 610-916-1487 or visit today!