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How Can I Extend the Life of My System?

Zabel Filter

Through proper maintenance and regular pumping you can extend the life of your system. We also recommend the addition of a septic filter to your system for added protection against clogging problems. Clogged drain fields are the leading reason for septic system malfunctions and failures, and replacing a system can be a costly investment. As the natural circulation beneath the ground becomes compact and clogged, the improper circulation and drainage arise, problems can occur with the septic system. A filter system helps your septic system to run more efficiently and can prevent most clogging problems from occurring.

The filter system is comprised of a unit with a filter cartridge which can be installed on new or existing systems. The cartridge within the unit contains a mesh-like material with hundreds of tiny holes that filter the scum and lighter waste materials that may manage to bypass the baffle and flow directly into the drain field. The waste materials become trapped in the mesh filter, allowing cleaner water to be sent to the drain field. Fewer solids in the drain field means less build-up, a safer environment for your family and an extended life cycle for your overall system. The filter is easy to install, service and clean, and offers an affordable solution to early septic system replacement.