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Grease Trap Cleaning in Berks & Montgomery County, PA

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At C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc., we seek to minimize grease trap-related issues for our Pennsylvania clients. Through our regular services, your restaurant or food service establishment will keep operating the way they should.

Grease management is necessary for a restaurant. The purpose of a grease trap is to catch grease or food waste and prevent it from flowing into the main line and causing a clog. Regular maintenance is important for optimum performance. It is inevitable that you’ll need a cleaning to avoid clogs and maintain the best performance for your property in Montgomery County.

Since 1954, C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc. has provided property owners throughout Pennsylvania with the finest septic tank, waste hauling and grease trap cleaning services. We stand out from our competition because of our willingness to do a job correctly the first time and the honest and transparent work that we provide our clients. Here are just some of the areas that we proudly serve:

Why wait for something to go wrong? The worst time for a grease trap to back up at your food service establishment in Philadelphia, Chester County or Delaware County is during the Friday and Saturday night rush. Lunch time is also another one of your busy times, and you want to be sure you take all of the necessary steps to avoid untimely backups.

Grease traps, when they are not serviced properly, will clog and overflow at the least convenient time for your business. Proper cleaning and trap pumping can eliminate most, if not all, service related problems.

Food service workers are not trained to specifically clean and pump a grease trap. A service technician knows the baffles, proper flow and can recommend repairs if needed. Regular service and pumping can relieve all these problems. In addition, more and more towns are requiring traps to be pumped and cleaned on some kind of frequency as the overflow and foul smells of a grease trap issue can be a health concern.

We help businesses in Berks County, Leesport, Bethlehem, Exeter Township, Allentown, Reading or Boyertown, PA receive this necessary grease trap pumping and cleaning service. We accomplish this by placing your food service establishment on an auto schedule. This will keep things running smoothly and allow you to focus on your restaurant, not your grease trap.

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You can avoid plumbing costs, employee downtime, service interruptions, trap odors and employee safety issues with proper service and pumping for your exterior/interior grease traps. We will work with you to provide comprehensive grease trap cleaning service, no matter what type of business it is that you run.

For more information about our services, we encourage you to reach out to us. You can contact us by calling or filling out a contact form on our website. Experience the professionalism and reliability of C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc. today!