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The History of C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc of Leesport, PA

C. F. Heckman, Inc was founded in 1954 by Clarence Franklin Heckman. Clarence had two sons, Tom and Ronald. Clarence's son, Tom, purchased his dad's business in the late 60's and the name changed to C.F. Heckman and Son, Inc. Later Ronald Heckman, known as Rock, Vietnam Veteran, became an employee and always helped wherever needed. The business headquarters was in the Heckman's kitchen and Tom's wife, Carla cooked and kept the books while taking calls and keeping the drivers schedules full.

In the early years of C. F. Heckman there were no portable toilets, they were known as Out Houses. Also there were no trucks that could pump the waste from one area to another. It required long spoon shovels that dipped and shoveled the waste into 55 gallon drums, then rolling the drums up a plank onto the truck; and then dumping the drums onto local farmland. As time and progress moved on, pumper trucks were purchased to pump the waste from the hole in the ground to the truck. Plumbing moved indoors and requirements for dumping onto farmland was restricted and needed to be hauled to sewage treatment plants.

In 2002, Tom and Carla retired and sold the business to Scott Landis. Scott Landis, a Master plumber, was familiar with plumbing and seemed like a natural fit to take on a new business. Scott had started his own business in 1985, Landis Plumbing and Heating and now known as Landis Mechanical Group, Inc. Under Landis's direction, C.F. Heckman & Son, Inc. has grown more than 10 percent each year. Heckman is housed in a beautiful building and the shop area can hold all the trucks. Heckman includes twelve licensed CDL drivers and a support staff.

Rock Heckman, now in his 60's, still hauls for Heckman today. You can easily recognize Rock as one of the old timers and his stories are priceless. He tells about the days when you dipped your long shovel to get everything removed and in the summer it was miserable. He tells these stories with a twinkle in his eye and smile that shows how he loves his job. As Rock says, "Don't be crappy, be happy!"